• Thu. Jun 6th, 2024

Christmas Traditions in Finland

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Christmas traditions in Finland are similar to those in most parts of the world. Santa Claus is a big older man with a white beard who brings presents to children. People celebrate, eat and enjoy together. Santa Claus also joins the family at dinner after giving the presents. Santa Claus is the main character of Christmas worldwide, and he has the same importance in the Finnish Christmas culture too. Finnish start preparing for Christmas from the very start of December. The following article discusses some of the unique traditions of Christmas in Finland.


Joulupukki” is the Finnish representation of Santa Claus. It originally came from the pagan tradition. This tradition traces back to when people used to leave out food for the spirits who came during Christmas. Santa Claus has replaced Noe, the character of nerves, and the “Big Nick.” He brings presents for the children and enjoys food with their families.

The Yule Goat

The Yule goat is a popular Christmas decoration in Finland. This decoration also comes from the pagan tradition of sacrificing goats in honor of gods. Nowadays, people do not sacrifice animals but still make a representation made of straws. The straw goat or the yule goat is traditionally found under the Christmas tree in Finland.

The Presents

People give and receive all kinds of toys, food, etc., as gifts on Christmas. Lately, calendars have become one of the most popular gifts. Maybe because they come in an attractive variety of edibles with them. Edible chocolate calendars are famous for Finnish Christmas. There are many great calendar companies in Finland, but it is recommended to check Finnish company reviews before you choose one. But here you go with a list of the most popular that the Finns love.

  • Elovena porridge calendar
  • Fazer’s Bars calendar
  • Fazer chocolate Christmas calendar
  • Cheap chocolate cake calendar

Christmas Sauna

 A sauna is a popular activity for a Finnish Christmas. A sauna is a sacred place for Finnish people for apparent reasons. Traditionally, people ensure that everyone bathes in a sauna before the afternoon. There is a peaceful, quiet environment in the saunas. Candles, lanterns, etc., are used to make the environment calming and relaxing.

5. Pikkujoulut

Pikkujoulut is a small celebratory Christmas party. Since most activities are for children, this one is organized for adults. People drink a lot of alcohol at this party and do childish things. This has made these parties a national joke regarding embarrassing moments as well.

Final Verdict

Christmas in Finland is a beautiful experience. The jolly Santa Claus greets you from the airports to the small streets. Beautiful Christmas carols play on the radio and are sung in the streets. People are stuck with the old melodies; hence, the good old spirit of Christmas is still alive.

Christmas in Finland is about sharing happiness, relaxing, enjoying good food, and cherishing traditional celebrations. It is about being with your family and happily welcoming the new year.